Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee (CLEPC)

The City of Canyon Lake has a very active Emergency Preparedness Committee that helps coordinate the state and county and local regulations that will help keep the city functioning during a state of emergency.  There are plans for emergency shelters, food and provisions, cots and blankets, and medical supplies.  The Canyon Lake Community Church serves as the main shelter by way of their gymnasium where restroom and kitchen facilities are available.
There is a field treatment center already set up in Canyon Lake at the East Port where injured parties will be put for triage and help.  All the supplies are gathered and stored nearby for this center.
This committee needs volunteers of every type from those who would like to learn ham radio operation to those who can help in a shelter.  The City welcomes your involvement in this process.  Training is available and we invite you to attend one of their open public meetings where you will learn how you can get involved in your community with this vital function.
Meetings Held....
The Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., Canyon Lake City Hall.
Get Involved...
For more information or to serve as a volunteer, please email Membership at