City Council to Discuss a Path Forward to Allow Golf Carts to Keep Crossing Railroad Canyon Road

For decades, residents of Canyon Lake have regularly crossed Railroad Canyon Road in their golf carts at Canyon Lake Drive South to and from the Canyon Lake Towne Center. Residents have done so as allowed by a City Municipal Code designating a golf cart crossing at this intersection. The City’s existing municipal code, Chapter 12.08 was adopted in 1995.  

In December, as part of a zero-tolerance, grant funded DUI saturation patrol on Railroad Canyon Road, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Lake Elsinore Station (RSO) started enforcing against golf cart crossings at this intersection based on the City’s current municipal code and California Vehicle Code. No golf cart drivers were citied or given a DUI. 

Based on the municipal code and recent conversations with RSO, it is currently illegal to cross Railroad Canyon Road with existing vehicle traffic in a golf cart. Rather, golf carts are required to do so at the pedestrian crossing and never at night.  

Since then, the City has been working with the City Attorney and RSO to identify a path forward to meet the needs of the community for a compliant and safe golf cart crossing at this intersection 

The City commissioned a Golf Cart Crossing Traffic Safety Study and Engineering and Traffic Survey for Railroad Canyon Road by Willdan Engineering to determine required updates to the municipal code to comply with the California Vehicle Code and address the needs of the community for this golf cart crossing. 

The City Council will review and discuss these findings at the Council Meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. RSO has reviewed the plans and is in support of the City’s planned amendments to the municipal code with the adoption of both studies 

RSO has three additional saturation patrols planned and will be enforcing against golf carts. The City strongly discourages residents from crossing this intersection at night. This is not prohibited by law unless you have a street legal, registered golf cart with all the proper equipment.  

The City is confident it can find a solution that will meet the needs of the community while also doing its best to keep everyone safe. The City appreciates the community’s patience and understanding during this process. A final decision is expected next month, and additional information will be shared at that time