Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing the municipal codes of the City of Canyon Lake. The Canyon Lake Municipal Code is the grouping of ordinances which are adopted by the City Council. These codes promote public safety, building safety, and a high quality of life for Canyon Lake residents.

Recently, the Code Enforcement Department has been tasked with enforcing new ordinances aimed at sustaining Canyon Lake's safe housing stock. The prohibition of short-term rentals and the implementation of the Residential Rental Program have been successful in preventing unwanted business practices inside the lake, while simultaneously protecting tenants, landlords, and the community overall. Since the implementation of these ordinances, the Code Enforcement Department has brought nearly every illegal short-term rental property into compliance, and they have also completed countless rental inspections to certify that rental properties in Canyon Lake are in compliance with building, health, and safety codes.

In addition to enforcing City Codes, the Code Enforcement Department also patrols the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) parcels to the west and north of the developed areas of the city to ensure that the federal land is being used properly by Canyon Lake residents and visitors to the community. Code Enforcement works with state and federal law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal shooting, fishing, and motor vehicle use. This enforcement protects the natural beauty we are accustomed to in Riverside County while also keeping hikers, bikers, legal fishermen, and horseback riders safe.

      BLM LAND                                                    BLM - North Lake                                             BLM - Jump Lake

If you are uncertain that a code violation has occurred, feel free to contact the Enforcement Department, or you may download a violation report form to mail or email to City Hall.