Code Enforcement FAQ's


 Can I wash my grass clippings down the curb?

No; state law prohibits anything washed into the drain as all drains empty into the waterways. If you are caught putting anything in the storm drains, you will be cited.

 May I put signs along the roadway on Railroad Canyon Road for my garage sale?

No; city code prohibits any signs in the public right-of-way except for traffic and other needed traffic or informational signage.

 I have a nest of bees in my tree. What should I do?

You need to call a commercial exterminator.  However, wait for a day or two as bees often swarm together and do not find the area suitable to them and leave for another area.

 A vacant home has pool equipment off, and the pool is stagnant and green. Do I call someone?

Yes; call City Hall's Code Enforcement Department right away at (951) 244-2955 to have the problem evaluated and begin the mitigation process.