EMS Subscription Program

The City of Canyon Lake takes pride in the invaluable contributions of the Canyon Lake Fire Department and their vital role in delivering emergency services. When you are a part of the Canyon Lake community, you can be assured you are in capable hands, served by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. By subscribing to the EMS Subscription Program, you are directly supporting the outstanding services and care provided by your local Fire Department. Your participation helps sustain the high levels of services, ensuring our community stays safe.




The EMS Program is a voluntary program that includes both an Emergency Medical Services Subscription Program Fee, known as the EMS Subscription Fee, and an Emergency Medical Services Response Fee, known as the EMS Response Fee.

The EMS Subscription Fee is collected on property tax rolls like other City services and noted as a line item just like residential solid waste collection charges. The EMS Response Fee is charged per call for anyone receiving Emergency Medical Services within the City of Canyon Lake who is not covered by an EMS Subscription.

For residential households, a subscription to the EMS Subscription Program covers all members, guests, and invitees of the subscriber’s household regardless of location where the Emergency Medical Services are rendered within the City.

In the case of businesses, the business owner, employees, customers, guests, and invitees of the subscribing business, regardless of the location where the Emergency Medical Services are rendered within the City. Those who subscribe annually are exempt from an EMS Response Fee if an Emergency Medical Services call is made on their behalf.



On November 6, 2019, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 187, adding Chapter 3.44 to the Canyon Lake Municipal Code establishing an Emergency Medical Services Subscription Program, known as the EMS Subscription Program.

This program first began collecting fees in 2020. The City has kept the EMS Subscription Fee the same at $192 per year despite ongoing cost increases. As such, the City has been subsidizing the overall cost of EMS services year-over-year. This year, the City was projected to run at a deficit of $491,191. Initial fees did not take into consideration reserves that the City must also set aside, a running deficit of more than $1.7 million. A proposed fee increase of $117 per year per participant to cover the costs for this year is being considered. This could be an increase of $9.75 per month and covers your entire household and any guests for EMS services throughout the year.



EMS Subscription Fee: The fee for fiscal year 2024-25 is $309/year, or $25.75/month. The EMS Subscription Fee is a yearly cost. The fee is added annually to a property’s tax bill and resets automatically once a property is subscribed. Residential property owners are automatically opted-in unless they purchased their home after July 1 of the current year, or they have previously opted-out of the program.

Residential tenants, commercial property owners, and tenants must opt-in to the program and pay annually via the City’s website at CanyonLakeCa.Gov/emsprogram.


EMS Response Fee: The fee for fiscal year 2024-25 is $1,545 per call. The EMS Response Fee is the cost for emergency medical care services rendered by Canyon Lake Fire Department. EMS Response fees are waived for annual EMS Subscribers.

Anyone who receives emergency medical care from the Canyon Lake Fire Department and is opted out of the EMS Subscription Program is financially responsible for the per call EMS Response Fee. Medicare and private insurance plans predominately do not cover pre-hospital medical treatment costs provided by the Canyon Lake Fire Department.