Residential Rental Program

Ordinance No. 192, the Single Family Residential Rental Registration, Inspection and Crime-Free Rental Housing Program (Residential Rental Program), is designed to alleviate common problems experienced with rental properties, to improve living conditions for renters, and to protect the general welfare of our Canyon Lake residents. 
This program requires property owners (not renters) to register their home(s) if all or a portion of the residence is being rented or leased to person(s) other than the property owner.  
Those who own more than one rental property in the City of Canyon Lake must complete a registration for each property. Property management companies may complete registrations on behalf of their clients.   
If you own residential property within the City of Canyon Lake and are currently renting or leasing any portion of your property, you will need to do the following:
  1. Complete the Residential Rental Registration Form – Available for download by clicking the link below. The form may also be obtained by contacting City Hall at 951-244-2955, Option 3.
  2. Schedule a Property Inspection – An inspection of the property will be required on an annual basis, and any time a new tenant occupies the property. The property owner will need to contact the City to schedule an inspection once all required documents have been completed and received by the City.
  3. Incorporate the Crime-Free Rental Housing Lease Addendum Language – Include the required crime-free rental housing lease addendum language in all rental agreements and leases executed on or after March 1, 2020. A sample Crime-Free Lease Addendum is available for download by clicking the link below, or by contacting City Hall at 951-244-2955, Option 3.
The new Ordinance No. 192 took effect on January 15, 2020.
For the Residential Rental Exemption Affidavit Form, please click HERE
Click on the image below to download the Rental Registration Information Packet

If you have additional questions about the Residential Rental Program, please click the FAQ link or call

(951) 244-2955, option #3.