Waste & Recycling FAQ's


 Who do I call if my trash doesn’t get picked up?

Call CR&R at (951) 943-1991 or log onto their site at www.crrwasteservices.com to view the pick-up dates.

 Why is the amount of trash limited to only the three containers (or in some areas two)?

One of the goals of California State Law AB939 was for its cities to divert 50 percent of its waste from landfills by the year 2000. The City of Canyon Lake is in compliance with the law. One of the methods to encourage residential recycling is through either a multi bin recyclable system or a single commingled recyclable system. In either event, the goal is to maximize the amount recycled and to reduce the amount of waste generated. Limiting the amount of waste generated to two or three containers encourages consumers to maximize the use of the recycling bins and to explore other techniques to minimize the amount of household waste generated.

 Why didn’t the driver pick up my trash this week, when it was out in time?

Call CR&R at (951) 943-1991 and see what happened and what can be done to remedy the problem and schedule a pick-up.

 Why don’t you pick up hazardous waste?

A hauler must be certified to transport hazardous materials to a certified landfill to ensure proper disposal. To offer this service would require additional fees and would duplicate programs offered throughout the County. Call the “County of Riverside Household Hazardous Waste Information Hotline” at (951) 486-3200.

 How can I get extra trash picked up?

Each residential customer is entitled to two (2) “bulky item” pick-ups free of charge per calendar year. Call CR&R customer service department with a description of the material to be collected to schedule a pick-up. CR&R also offers “dumpsters” for short-term rentals.

 Why can’t the driver pick up one little extra bag?

The majority of residential waste is collected using an automated collection system operated by a single driver. This methodology allows the driver to collect waste without having to stop and get out of the truck to manually pick up the waste. This methodology also results in the most efficient and safest way to collect residential waste which, in turn, is reflected in the residential rate.

 Why do we have to take a recycle container if we do not wish to recycle?

One of the goals of California State Law AB939 was to encourage recycling and required cities to divert 50 percent of their waste from landfills by the year 2000. The commingled automated recycling program has proven extremely effective in improving diversion rates allowing many cities to meet the mandated California target.

 What, exactly, can I recycle? Do I have to wash out the items for the blue/brown container?

Briefly, plastics exhibiting the numbers 1-7 in recyclable arrows; most glass food and beverage containers; uncoated, uncontaminated paper, including business papers, shoe boxes, cereal and cracker boxes, newspapers; metals, such as tin and aluminum cans, empty paint cans with dry paint, food and juice cans, and some lawn furniture.  With regard to washing recyclables, it is only necessary to rinse out the bulk of the contents of recyclable containers.

 What if I have a large item for disposal and what all do they take?

Items that cannot fit in your automated containers, such as a chair or a couch, are considered “bulky items.” A bulky item is an object that can be handled by a two-person crew and may include washers, dryers, or other large materials. Each residential customer is entitled to two (2) bulky item pick-ups free of charge per calendar year. Additional bulky item pick-ups will be provided for a nominal charge. To arrange a bulky item pick-up on your regular waste collection day, please call CR&R at (951) 943-1991.